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2021 Wolfpack All-Comer Track Meet, Laser-Run, Aquathlon/Biathle, and Triathle

The 2021 (Third Annual) Wolfpack All-Comer Track Meet and Laser-Run will include a track meet sanctioned by USA Track & Field (USATF) and a Laser-Run sanctioned by USA Pentathlon Multisport (USAPM), just as as in previous years.

Additionally, this year’s event will include an Aquathlon sanctioned by USA Triathlon (USAT) combined with a Biathle and Triathle sanctioned by USAPM.

(See below for more information about these events!)



Date and Time

Sunday, November 7, 2021 (tentative)


Independence High School (tentative)
617 N. Jackson Ave.
San Jose, CA 95133

Events to be Contested

Events Sanctioned by USATF (tentative list)

4 x 100 Meter Relay

800-Meter Run

100-Meter Dash

400-Meter Dash

1-Mile Run

1-Mile Elimination Race

200-Meter Dash

2-Mile Run

4 x 800 Meter Relay

1500-Meter Race Walk

Events Sanctioned by USA Pentathlon Multisport

Laser-Run Relay

Biathle Relay

Triathle Relay

Individual Laser-Run

Individual Biathle

Individual Triathle

Events Sanctioned by USA Triathlon

Sprint Run-Swim-Run Aquathlon (combined with Biathle)

About Laser-Run

Laser-Run is a stand alone competition that comprises a combination of two of the five disciplines of Modern Pentathlon–running and laser pistol shooting. More specifically, Laser-Run consists of multiple running and shooting sequences, with distances varying based on the category of the event, the type of the event (individual or mixed-relay), and the age of the competitors in the event (see below for exact distances that will be contested).

Laser-Run is the last phase of Modern Pentathlon, which has been an Olympic sport since 1912. Laser-Run is an event in its own right and provides a thrilling and accessible introduction to the whole family of multi-sports, such as Modern Triathlon, Modern Tetrathlon, and Modern Pentathlon itself. Laser-Run is suitable for all ages, genders, and abilities–with no previous experience needed–but also presents a unique opportunity for keen runners to add a new dimension to their race.

Here are the sequences and distances for Laser-Run that will be contested at this year’s event:

Individual Laser-Run Sequences and Distances
Relay Laser-Run Sequences and Distances

About Biathle

Biathle is a running and swimming event that is similar to a sprint “run-swim-run” Aquathlon as it is defined by USA Triathlon, with distances varying based on the type of the event and the age of the competitors in the event.

Here are the distances for Biathle that will be contested at this year’s event:

Individual Biathle Distances
Relay Biathle Distances

About Triathle

Triathle is a running, swimming, and shooting event that includes up to four rounds each of swimming, running, and shooting for each competitor.

Here are the sequences and distances for Triathle that will be contested at this year’s event:

Individual Triathle Sequences and Distances
Relay Triathle Sequences and Distances


IMPORTANT: Competitors and spectators must obey all local, county, and state laws and guidelines, including those pertaining to mask-wearing and social distancing.

According to the 2018 UIPM Competition Rules and Regulations, the age group of an athlete for Laser-Run, Biathle, and Triathle is calculated as follows:

i) The age of the pentathlete will be counted by subtracting the year of birth from the year of the competition. Months and days will not be taken into account.

ii) Except for Masters competitions, a pentathlete may compete in the age group immediately higher than his age group. With permission from the competent national body, a pentathlete may compete in any higher age group.

Competitors may compete in their own age division and/or any higher age divisions.

Example 1: a 40-year-old competitor can compete in the Seniors (ages 21-39) division and the Masters 40+ (ages 40-49) division, but cannot compete in the Juniors (under 21), Youth, or Masters 50+ and higher divisions.

Example 2: a 10-year-old competitor can compete in the U11, U13, U15, U17, U19, Juniors, and Seniors divisions, but cannot compete in the U9 or Masters divisions.


Results will be posted on the Results page:

Videos and photos will be posted on the Photos page.

Team USA

The 2021 Wolfpack Track Meet, Laser-Run, Biathle, and Triathle will be officially listed on the USA Pentathlon Multisport section of the Team USA Web site!

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